Nicolas Delamotte-Legrand, dancer, choreographer, visual artist:

Design Museum Gent: exhibition “COCA-COLA: 125 years of design” 2011-2012

Marcel Duchamp: “Nude descending a staircase” 1912,  oil on canvas. The Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA

Georges Gershwin: “An American in Paris” 1928

Jeunes Européens Strasbourg: “Dix ans avec la monnaie unique, l’Euro pile et face”,  2011

Luc van Middelaar :  « De passage naar Europa. Geschiedenis van een begin », 2009
                                  “ Le passage à l’Europe”, 2011, Gallimard

John Milton: “Paradise Lost”, 1667
                     The poem concerns the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden

Museum of the City of Brussels, Maison du Roi, Grand’Place. Wardrobe of Manneken-Pis.

George Orwell: “Keep the aspidistra flying”, 1936

Palace Editions of the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Publisher Joseph Kiblitsky
“Collage in Russia, XX century”, 2005

Michel Pinel, photographer

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Museum of Ancient Art
Pieter Bruegel the Elder: “Landscape with the fall of Icarus”, 1558

Bruce Springsteen: “Born in the USA”, 1984, Columbia Records 

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