35 by 95 by 100 cm.
                                                  Plaster cast, plastic, resin, wood.

Dionysos is the son of Zeus, chief of the Olympians. He is the god of wine and madness, vegetation and the theatre and was the focus of various mystery cults.
Dionysos is a strange god and water is also part of his domain. He is the wine-god and thus should be a pleasant fellow, a benefactor. But wine has both positive and negative aspects. It makes people drunk, causes them to behave in a strange way.
The duality of Dionysos is related to another of his attributes, which is that of loss of identity. The ANNA AGTMA assemblage "DIONYSOS GONE WILD" shows him in a drunken state, in holy shit, intoxicated, giving him an unexpected identity.
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