ANNA AGTMA (also known as ANNA A.) lives and works
in Brussels. After her studies Art Pedagogy in Amsterdam and
Berlin,  she took up residence in Brussels where she has been
the owner of an art gallery since 1989.

She started off painting but in 2010 she moved into creating assemblages and collages.

Her original and inspirational  art works evolve through a mutual relationship between different art disciplines and represent a playful, light-hearted and humorous approach to culture and topical matter.

Some of her artworks are being held in well known private collections.

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2017           From another point of view   
2016           Breathe, look, smile
2015           Dreams and conflicts
2014           Through the Looking-Glass
2013           "To Be Continued..."
                   Behind the portrait
2012           Beyond classical Borders
                   Changing Times           

2011           Co-operations
                   Silent Music          

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